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FAQ - Do you guarantee top search engine ranking (non-paid), even on Google?

Any company that promises or guarantees a certain organic (non paid) position within a search engine positioning, especially Google, is either lying, stealing or both. NO company or person can guarantee that - or Google, Ask, Yahoo, Lycos, and all other search engines would basically be out of business as far as providing relevant and viable search engine results. We do not make that promise either; however, we do promise something close, and we put it in writing.

We promise to perform our best as SEO experts to help your site be ranked as high as possible in the search engines (especially Google), ethically and honestly. We will design, or redesign, your website with this goal in mind. For nearly a decade, all of our clients have been fortunate to receive prominent, even top, search engine positioning because of the knowledge, expertise and action from our team. That's what we promise and guarantee. It's verifiable and so far it's worked out great!

Feel free to review our Portfolio section and see snippets of actual search results for our clients.

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