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"Beautiful Website! #1 Google Rankings! Doubled our Volume! What more can you ask for?"

George Guevin, owner of TV4RV.com wanted to upgrade the look, feel and function of his site and vastly improve his search engine rankings. We provided exactly what he asked for
(See George's testimonial below). George is a genius when it comes to satellite tripods and getting TV and entertainment through your dish while traveling in an RV. Anyone that wants TV for their recreational vehicle really needs to visit his site and see all the great information he has.

TV4RV.com probably has the most relevant content available for the satellite TV for RV industry so we simply helped this site receive the search engine rankings and results that it truly deserves and provided a more professional look, feel and format. All of our efforts were geared to this and improving his online sales - and it worked great!

Verified Search Engine Ranking Results

Please view these screen-captures of just some of the simply tremendous search engine results we were able to achieve for George Guevin of TV4RV.com. It is by no means exhaustive or a comprehensive picture of the total performance we were able to achieve with our SEO processes.

The following are Organic search results (traditional non-paid) and were accurate as of Friday, April 2nd, 2010 - the posting date of the information.
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Bing - "satellite tripod"
#1 out of 3,090,000 global listings
Google - "satellite tripod"
#1 out of 961,000 global listings
Bing - "tv for rv"
#1 out of 43,100,000 global listings
Google - "tv for rv"
#8 out of 19,800,000 global listings
Bing - "free to air tv for rv"
#7 out of 36,500,000 global listings
Google - "free to air tv for rv"
#10 out of 733,000 global listings
Bing - "satellite tv for rv"
#7 out of 22,600,000 global listings
Google - "satellite tv for rv"
#6 out of 922,000 global listings
Bing - "tripods for satellite dishes"
#3 out of 1,310,000 global listings
Google - "dish network for rv"
#21 out of 244,000 global listings
Bing - "dish network for rv"
#15 out of 1,830,000 global listings

*Note: We can not guarantee top organic placement for all sites for all keyword sets - but we do guarantee to use all the working knowledge and seo techniques we have available to obtain the best legitimate results possible - with honesty and integrity.

Click Here to Read the Testimonial from George and Helene Guevin

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