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Portfolio: Graddy's Equipment Sales, Inc.

Mike and Carol Graddy wanted a website for their Central Point Oregon used heavy equipment business. They wanted one that was easy for their prospects to use and were especially seeking solid search engine ranking - not just for the site but for each individual piece of equipment. This could be daunting in such an extremely competitive market.

We used CMS Ultima, running off of a MySQL database, to handle all the ads, information, photos, etc. for the used heavy equipment listings. This allows them to add/subtract/modify used construction equipment and vehicle ads on the fly. We developed a method of optimizing the site so that each unique ad has the ability to possess high search engine positioning. This worked out extremely well for them and after a couple of years they still enjoy these benefits from a one-time small investment with Dulles Media.

Verified Search Engine Ranking Results

Below are screen-captures of just some of the results we were able to achieve for this client. It is by no means exhaustive or reflective of the complete picture of the performance we were able to achieve with our SEO processes.

The following are Organic search results (traditional non-paid) and were accurate as of Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 - the posting date of the information.
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Google - "1984 JOHN DEERE 544C 4X4"
#1 listing for specific year, make and model of equipment
Google - "Used Heavy Equipment Oregon"
#1 out of 2,260,000 listings
Bing - "Used Heavy Equipment Oregon"
#2 out of 11,200,000 listings
Google - "Heavy Equipment Medford"
#1 out of 48,800 listings
Bing - "Heavy Equipment Medford"
#1 out of 230,000 listings

*Note: We can not guarantee top organic placement for all sites for all keyword sets - but we do guarantee to use all the working knowledge and seo techniques we have available to obtain the best legitimate results possible - with honesty and integrity.

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