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Portfolio: Omega Engraving, Inc.

"One BIG Thank You for an outstanding job that was done under budget and very timely in completion. "

The Ruhoff's own a multi-generational business. Joe's father essentially pioneered special techniques for high-quality plastic badgemaking. Their product, as we have used and our clients have used, on many occasions is not only superior but the pricing is typically the best, and the follow-up service is second to none. We wanted to capture the look and feel of this high-quality family business and give them the Internet-based tools that they need, and will need, on their schedule. Although simple, straightforward and easy-to-use on the public front, the back end of the site houses CMS Ultima as a content manager built utilizing a MySQL database and PhP 5.5+. We prebuilt customizations for Search Engine Optimization and expansion areas for ecommerce applications including any choice of shopping cart and credit card gateway for when they are ready. Since a lot of their long-term clientele are used to using FAX services and good-old fashioned telephones, we also redesigned their printed order form to be a fillable-saveable-printable PDF. Their office manager, with no html, programming or website knowledge is able to easily and confidently add, create and modify their website on the fly.

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