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Portfolio: Sandi's Candies

"Terry with Dulles Media did the most beautiful rebuild on our website!"

Sandi's old site was not very user-friendly and neither was the hosting company that hijacked her domain. So, she was a bit "gun shy" about working with any web designers or web hosting companies but she knew it was necessary for her business to grow. She also wanted some REAL search engine assistance because she was tired of "paying a monthly fee for search tweaking but no one could find her site in the search engines". This is a story we hear way too many times. She also needed a robust yet not too expensive shopping cart that looked and felt a part of her site as opposed to many of the other shopping carts out there.

We were able to help Sandi on all fronts - including setting her up with a nice, customer-friendly web hosting company that gave her full access to everything on her domain, including a stats package, MySQL database set up, unlimited email capability...the works. We installed a very easy-to-use shopping cart that embeds into her site instead of resting on other servers and optimized her new site design with solid search engine optimization.

Verified Search Engine Ranking Results

Sandi wanted to not only compete locally but on a much broader basis since her site was online she can sell and ship anywhere in the United States for most of her products. Search terms such as "Gourmet Fudge and Candies" are pretty competitive but we followed the plan that was outlined for her and got the expected results. It's been almost 2 years since we relaunched Sandi's site and she continues to retain solid search positioning. If Sandi does a few more small simple things we outlined for her, then her search results will not only remain strong but will continue to climb.

Below are screen-captures of just some of the results we were able to achieve for this client. It is by no means exhaustive or reflective of the complete picture of the performance we were able to achieve with our SEO processes.

The following are Organic search results (traditional non-paid) and were accurate as of Friday, April 2nd, 2010 - the posting date of the information.
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Google - "Grants Pass Fudge"
#1 out of 11,800 related local listings
Bing - "Gourmet Fudge and Candies"
#2 out of 739,000 competing listings
Google - "Gourmet Fudge and Candies"
#4 out of 524,000 national listings
Bing - "Gourmet Fudge and Chocolate"
#7 out of 1,090,000 national listings
Google - "Gourmet Fudge and Chocolate"
#18 out of 697,000 highly competitive sites

*Note: We can not guarantee top organic placement for all sites for all keyword sets - but we do guarantee to use all the working knowledge and seo techniques we have available to obtain the best legitimate results possible - with honesty and integrity.

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