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Recommendation and Testimonial from
Lance Julander

Company: Great Vehicles, Inc.

"Fantastic Long Term Results. Dulles Media Did Great Work at Great Vehicles, Inc.!"

Terry played a major role in helping us develop and bring to market the and websites (vehicle classified marketplaces). He developed most of the front-end graphical layout as well as a lot of back-end code. In addition, he spent considerable time doing search engine optimization (SEO) of our site in order to increase our Page Rank and search result placement in the search engines.

Terry also developed cobranding and affiliate programs as well as a vehicle dealer account program to help increase website traffic and income.

Through these efforts, Terry was able to help us start these websites from scratch and bring them to the point of receiving over 1 million visitors a month on a consistent basis. These websites became profitable within a short period of time and have continued to grow in income generation.

We have been extremely pleased with the skill and professionalism that Terry has provided to us and we wouldn't hesitate to work with him again in the future.

Great Vehicles, Inc.

Lance Julander

Great Vehicles, Inc.
Bend, Oregon

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